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Special Guide for businesses getting started on Twitter

Twitter has released a simple guide for businesses getting started with micro-blogging: Twitter 101 Special Guide

This guide won’t tell you well-kept secrets of social media marketing but is an easy-to-follow introduction to using Twitter. It explains how to set up a Twitter account and where to put essential information about your business. It also tells you how to find people you would want to follow and how to reach out to followers of your tweets. The ‘Learn the lingo’ section contains jargon from RT to hashtags and is very useful for beginners. ‘Best practices’ is particularly useful to figure out your Twitter strategy since it may give you ideas for promotions etc. It also teaches you about the tone to use for your tweets and how to avoid spamming. Finally, there is a section with ‘Case Studies’.

If your hotel/chain is not on Twitter yet, this basic guide will get you started.
But please remember to define your strategy:

Social Media: don’t just be there – have a plan!


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