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First hotel meta search engine to utilize Facebook friend reviews

The US meta search engine is the first such engine to connect to Facebook for hotel reviews.

This is a big step. For the first time people will be able to see their friends’ hotel recommendations rather than rely on reviews of strangers – which, to be honest, could have been manipulated as happened in the famous Carribean Cruises scandal earlier this year.

With Facebook Connect, Facebook users can easily log into using their already existing Facebook account. This way, they instantly connect to friends that are using hotelicopter. People can then rate hotels and share their ratings with friends on Facebook. is a meta travel search engine and searches over 30 leading travel sites. When people conduct a hotel search on, recommendations from their friends are brought up. Once you have decided on a hotel, displays what that hotel would cost if you booked on all those different travel sites.

The new concept of meta search and Facebook friend reviews helps people choose the best hotel for their stay and book it for the best available rate. It’s a brilliant combination, utilizing the trust already established between friends and taking hotel reviews one step further.


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One Response

  1. Brayden says:

    This hotel metasearch is useful . I have used it to find hotels in Los Angeles some days before and i got good results.

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